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Spirit of Speed


Have you already attended mainstream automotive winter training courses in heavy new production cars standing on near road tires? Then it is surely time to experience the real deal, where you can push the specially prepared cars to their limits? An entirely unique race inspired winter training with air- and water-cooled Porsches where all cars are fitted with real World Rally Championship tires!!! 

Spirit of Speed Arctic is a unique ice driving experience that reaches far beyond what is offered elsewhere. 

If what we already offer is still not enough - take Tom Kristensen as your personal coach! When did you last get instruction from Mr. Le Mans himself? Everyone can learn to control a Porsche on the limit while still having fun.


With 9 times Le Mans winner behind the program, only the best is good enough. The team of hand-picked mainly Scandinavian drivers offers bespoke and individual driving programs with one instructor per car and maximum 5 cars in total.

We offer advanced driving time second to none but still keep a friendly atmosphere and a good ratio of “smiles per miles”, so no matter if you are a first-time ice driver or an experienced racer, everyone will benefit vastly from our unique style of training. A perfect mix of real ice and rally tracks becomes the ideal playground to challenge yourself and “your” rally inspired Porsche.

Spirit of Speed Arctic


Different programs to satisfy all desires:

Everyone can join, regardless of level of experience. Our trainings are one-to-one and highly personal - so no former experience is needed for any of our programs.

Arctic Control - is a very good introduction to the perfect ice experience, and you will be amazed what skills you have achieved after a great time on the ice with us. 


Arctic Race -  is for the driver who wants to be challenged, to gain real performance and enjoys the stopwatch...


Arctic Team - is the right choice if you want us to plan all around your group, adapt everything to your wishes, and have the area on your own.


For all programs Tom Kristensen can be available as your personal instructor – just make your request when you contact us.


Spirit of Speed

Arctic Control

Experienced or first time on the ice? Don’t worry, as this is fully individual, we start out slow and finish fast. If you are less experienced, we will start with a short introduction and then we aim for you to master the fine art of ice driving. Together with your instructor, you will design your perfect driving program with a combination of section training and full track driving to fit your individual skills and goals. Our unique intercom radio system makes communication with your instructor and co-driver easy and comfortable. For the more experienced - you simply say how fast you want to go... and we help you to get there. 

You will either be alone on the track, or the track will be so long that you won’t even see the other drivers… this is the only way for you to optimize your driving time. A rotation concept has been created so that you will have an extra hour break during the day to collect your thoughts and have time to plan details for your personal progress or simply relax after many hard hours on the tracks. 


Lots of driving time spiced up with our very special night-driving sessions are not to be missed, just as an optional tailor-made optional data acquisition system will add to our common goal of creating the perfect drivers’ paradise.


Spirit of Speed

Arctic Race 

Same as Arctic Control - but adding the next level. It is all about speed and excitement! 

During the Arctic Control program we aim for “driving heaven” but it does not stop there! Here we add the stopwatch, we let you rally through the forest on long, hilly curvy tracks. The result is a real rally experience including pace notes - and you can race against your co-driver and the others in the group. 

To achieve this goal – we don’t just tell you how to drive a stage, we teach you how to drive it as fast a possible – and let you push to and beyond the limit.


Spirit of Speed
Arctic Team

All is planned around you and your group - we simply before you arrive arrange a tailor-made program just created to fit your desires. Sky is the limit!

ice track in Parnu


• Individual arrival at Rovaniemi airport, the home of Santa Claus and capital of Lapland.

• The team meets you at the airport and shuttles you to to our nearby brand new lodge.

• Take your time to acclimatize in the Nordic surroundings and you have time to explore the amazing winter wonderland or relax at our lodge equipped with hot tub and sauna if the travelling was a bit challenging. 


• A local welcome dinner awaits you. Then you are sure to be ready to rest before the action starts tomorrow. 



•    After an early breakfast, the team takes you to the driving area where a unique combination of ice and rally tracks await you.

•    Before you enter the rally area you will meet your instructor and will attend a driving techniques briefing covering most important factors to achieve full car control.

•     A seat fitting and introduction to the cars will take place to ensure your comfort while driving in the next days.

•    Finally, a full day of training customized to your skills, abilities and goals! You start with section training to get to know the cars and tires. After a short introduction it is time for full track driving.

•    Many hours into the dark we will shuttle everyone back for a well-deserved rest before the authentic local dinner is served. If you have not had enough of an adrenaline rush today you can choose the optional snowmobile drive from the tracks to the lodge.

•    For the Arctic Race option we also add the pace notes preparation and rally briefing.

•    In the evening enjoy a relaxed dinner in these exceptional surroundings.



•     After an early breakfast, it is time to head back to the driving area for more intensive and customized ice driving.


•    Today we enter new and more demanding tracks and the intensity increases as much as you can handle - we have tracks for all drivers and situations. 

•     For the Arctic Race option, you can opt for the full rally experience with a full timed session just like a real winter rally. Long stages and maximum adrenaline. If timing is not for you then keep practicing and enjoy this driving nirvana.

•     Tired but full of adrenaline, it is time to head back for the farewell dinner. Again, you can opt for the snowmobile drive back.



Breakfast is enjoyed and today can be the day where you find time for some of the optional activities.

When the time comes we will shuttle you to the airport where we will say “see you next year“.

This video gives a good taste of what to expect of Spirit of Speed Arctic.



Spirit of Speed Arctic


Tom K retro racesuit LM pit.jpg


9 times Le Mans winner, FIA World Champion, F1 test driver - Tom surely needs no further introduction, and he can become your personal instructor.

Screenshot 2020-05-21 18.34.32.png


15 years of racing and coaching experience has created his own style and made him co-creator
of our programs.



Local Finish rally driver and instructor. Ready to accelerate your ice racing skills and experience.
A mix of iceman and passionate Latino...

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-01 at


Danish racing driver with huge experience. With his driving talent Benny will teach you all the moves you need to go dancing with your car.



Instructor with several years of driving experience. His skills guarantee vast improvements in your driving and rally skills.  

Screenshot 2020-05-16 17.39.58.png



A life long rally addiction was formed when Tim watched his dad racing his Porsche RSR on the international rallycross scene. The result was a FIA European Rally Champion.


Spirit of Speed Arctic



With Spirit of Speed you now get the chance to push a wide selection of rally prepared Porsches to their limits. Our pow-erful air-cooled 911 classics and water-cooled 911 young timers all have manual transmission, but we have an addition of the modern mid-engined sport version of the perfectly balanced Cayman R with the lighting fast PDK gearbox. All cars have a significant reduced weight as well as sports seats, belts and roll cage for your safety, and full underbody protection for limited wear on the nice bodywork. Driving aids are limited to ABS and even that can be disconnected if you feel like it, so you are all on your own. 


With Spirit of Speed Arctic you will experience the real World Rally Championship tires!

Huge developments have gone into the special suspension so there is a perfect balance with the real World Rally Championship (WRC) tires that adds a whole new dimension to the experience - this is not just a standard road tire with slightly longer spikes. These are the exact works WRC tires which won the Swedish WRC Winter Rally! Yes, we have access to the works tires so we can offer you the best winter rally tire ever produced. Tires are 105 to 135 mm narrow, each fitted with tungsten-tipped metal spikes that protrude from the tread by between 6 and 7 millimetres. 384 studs in total! The result is lap times and control superior to any tire offered at other training. Why settle for anything less than the best?

You will have your personal car instructor with you throughout the entire event to ensure everything is suited to you, and you will have the chance to try a wide variety of the famous Porsche engine and drive concepts. Rear wheel drive, rear engine, as well as all-wheel drive, and even the nimble and fast reacting mid-engined Cayman R that is sure to surprise everyone behind the steering wheel.

When you sign in, let us know if there is a car you prefer, then all efforts will be made to meet your special desire, but it is not until you master all the concepts that you can be crowned a real “ice professor”.

How about having your own dream car fully customized and perfectly suited for your own wishes and our Spirit of Speed programs? With KALMAR Automotive we offer the next level of customization! When you choose to have your own car build, you can always use it at the Spirit of Speed or Beyond Adventure programs, the team will happily service and maintain the car. This will of course be in between you use it for your own drives.

Spirit of Speed Arctic


But what are cars and team without a perfect track area? We are pleased to offer a huge upgrade compared to the past. Our new driving facility is massive and offers an impressive close to 300 km of track sections (compared to 16 km in previous years!) so you can easily get lost. But it is not all about volume - you will have rally stages, super stages, rallycross stages with bridges and huge track-banking only found here and nowhere else on the planet. Be ready to turn up the level higher than you ever imagined, and yes, some of our tracks were used for WRC rally in 2021 and world-class rally drivers use them as their practice ground! 

Different types of forest, swamp and lake track areas with a variety of difficulty levels, height differences and layouts will make your heart beat faster. The area simply offers the ideal location for our Spirit of Speed Arctic programs. The demanding and challenging ice and rally tracks will become your playground and reward you for building up skills whilst flying fast and sideways through the Lappish Forest.

Our driving area is in a remote location, surrounded by wilderness and the unspoiled nature of wild Lapland, and of course with ice-cold arctic temperatures guaranteed. 

Your accommodation is in Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland in northern Finland and right on the Arctic Circle. The city is known for being the Santa Claus’ home town and for viewing the Northern Lights. Despite being located so far north, Rovaniemi Airport is reachable with a 1.5-hour direct flight from Helsinki. The close proximity of Rovaniemi Airport and the lodge means convenient and short shuttle times. 


Spirit of Speed Arctic


Our specially selected accommodation is the Glass Resort Premium Lodge with a unique blend of modern Nordic design and comfort in the heart of Arctic nature. You will have your own brand-new private lodge unlike any found in an ordinary business hotel. It is not only our team, cars and tires that are top class - your overnight stay also becomes an experience.  In the evenings, relax together with your fellow rally drivers in the lodge while your private chef prepares you delicious local foods. Many stories are sure to be told over dinners. We offer a full-service memorable stay which is not found elsewhere. ​

The spacious 350 m2 lodge offers open lounge areas to relax, sit together, chat and exchange experiences and impressions after a long day of intensive ice driving with sauna, exclusive outdoor hot spring and indoor fireplace included. 

Team spirit is guaranteed but each customer will have the exclusivity of a private room with en-suite bathroom to ensure privacy. In some cases and depending on the number of customers we offer in addition the opportunity to choose between sleeping in the lodge or in a  small individual house just meters away. Of course, the entire group stays together in the lodge to relax as well as for breakfasts and dinners – pure definition of luxury and Arctic Wilderness is waiting!


Spirit of Speed Arctic



Wave 1 Arctic Control  I 07 - 10 January 2023 - sold out

Wave 2 Arctic Control  I 10 - 13 January 2023 - sold out     

Wave 3 Arctic Race I 13 - 16 January 2023 - sold out   

Wave 4 Arctic Control  I 16 - 19 January 2023 - sold out

Wave 5 Arctic Control  I  19 - 22 January 2023 - sold out

Wave 6 Arctic Race  I 22 - 25 January 2023 - sold out

Wave 7 Arctic Control  I 25 - 28 January 2023 - sold out

Wave 8 Arctic Control I 28 - 31 January 2023 - sold out


*For Arctic Team bookings - further dates on request and we will adapt the program to your preference.

Prices upon request. 


• 4 days (2 full driving days)

• Rally prepared Porsches

• 1 instructor per car plus mechanics and support team

• Personal Shuttle service

• All meals including breakfast, Lunch, dinners

• All non-alcoholic drinks

* Excluding return flights from your home destination.

Other prices upon request:
• Tom Kristensen as private instructor  
• Single Driver surcharge
• Single Room surcharge

Accompanying person: The accompanying person will be sharing a double room with the customer and is welcome to participate in the entire program besides the driving part.


Should you wish for any additional Arctic experiences e.g. snowmobile experience, husky or reindeer sledding etc. we can organize this for you at extra cost. 



Min. 8 - max. 10 participants. 
Information is correct at the time of publishing, due to the nature of the projects changes can occur. 


Excess fee for damages for the rented vehicles on the regular tracks € 7,500 per incident. If the customer wishes to drive on optional available Special Stages the excess fee is € 30,000 per incident.

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