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Spirit of Speed


The name "Spirit of Speed by Tom Kristensen" is already a story by itself. But we never do things without Spirit and combined with the quality surrounding all what Tom Kristensen stands for means you can expect only the best here.


We are looking forward to impressing you!


You will experience a different approach to performance driving where we don’t only aim for sheer speed, but also focus on the spirit. We will continue to add an extra dimension to the experience. Control-Performance-Competition goes hand in hand. All drivers have different skills and targets, but as we work either with only one or just small groups you will always have an individualized experience tailor-made for you.  

Spirit of Speed Track



Spirit of Speed Track targets to give you a steep learning curve, as we have a 3,2 km fully FIA approved track only for you. This way we don’t need to adapt your day to a rigid program created to maximize the amount of drivers on the track. The track is “yours” and you together with your private instructor plan the day.

We have a series of different core programs from which the perfect combination
for you can be put together:


Spirit of Speed


You and a skillful instructor have your own track for a day! Just like a real race driver, you start the day with a "track walk". This is the foundation before any driving starts. Together with your instructor you work section by section to learn to master the car and track. All is done with full video and data recording.


Early in the day a reference lap is driven so your personal progress can be measured. At the end of a day a sprint race distance is driven to feel what racers are up against. Cars are track oriented air-cooled Porsche 911’s.

Spirit of Speed


Similar to Spirit of Speed Performance but with full race car lineup. Porsche 997 Cup, Porsche 991 Cup, Audi R8 LMS.


Spirit of Speed

Mentor Program

Where else can you get the 9 times Le Mans Winner Tom Kristensen as your personal Mentor? This is a long term program where you develop as a driver continuously improving your skills. You can choose Tom or one of the instructors with whom you have a good chemistry to build on your progress.

A bespoke training program is created for you, not only on track but also in between the track sessions. This program is meant for both the existing racer or if you are new to the sport and simply want guidance all the way.


Spirit of Speed

Car service

Having a permanent base at a fully FIA homologated race track gives a lot of opportunities. We have our own fulltime team at the track. Result is we can store, prepare and run your own track cars. Also we can make sure that your cars will be transported safely to any track around the world if you want to drive it on different tracks. Please contact us for an offer if this could be of interest. If you don’t have a car yet we will via our extensive network be able to source the right car for you.

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Spirit of Speed


Experience the racetrack life in a small group. Depending on the group size there will be one or more teams. The day is replicating a real race day.

You start with a driving dynamics briefing. After you do a track walk - just like all race drivers do when they arrive at a track. Driving starts and improvements are accelerated with the help of a video data acquisition system. We measure your progress and help you to improve all the way.

The finale is the specially developed Spirit of Speed Mini Le Mans - a small endurance race with pitstops, tire change and hard nose to tail racing on the track. A high level of adrenaline is a guaranty! Cars are track oriented air-cooled Porsche 911’s.

Spirit of Speed Track



Our unique selection and combination of talented race and rally drivers and champions will add to your unique experience!

The Instructors will take you to the edge of your skills and motivate you to step out of your comfort zone to experience there is still more to accomplish and achieve. The evaluation and feedback from the instructors make the Spirit of Speed experience the most remarkable and distinct training you have ever participated in. 

Tom K retro racesuit LM pit.jpg


9 times Le Mans winner, FIA World Champion, F1 test driver - Tom surely needs no further introduction, and he can become your personal instructor.

Screenshot 2020-05-21 18.34.32.png


​15 years of racing and coaching experience has created his own style and made him co-creator of our programs.



The first female driver to win an international SportsCar Championship series title. Being brought up with Le Mans on the menu at home, her experience is second to none.  


Motorsport Coach and Instructor with over 25 years race driving experience will guarantee you huge improvements on the race track.

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-01 at


Danish racing driver with huge experience. With his driving talent, Benny will teach you all the moves you need to go dancing with your car.


Pro factory driver and with the DNA from a highly respected racing family. Dennis has a very high percentage of podiums and race wins including world titles.

Spirit of Speed Track



Porsche 911 Rally Edition (964/993)  

Spirit of Speed Track requires an exceptional and tailor-made vehicle fleet. We own and maintain a custom-made fleet which consists of 5 specially prepared air-cooled Porsche 911’s.

All cars are build close to RS specifications with weight reduction and improved handling. Engines are upgraded and with the lower weight the well known classic Porsche performance is a given factor. Safety is important so cars are fitted with roll cage and sport seats. Our 964's and 993's are the last generation air-cooled Porsches - this gives the perfect heritage feel but still offers performance and modern handling. 


How about having your own dream car fully customized and perfectly suited for your own wishes and our Spirit of Speed programs? With KALMAR Automotive we offer the next level of customization! When you choose to have your own car build, you can always use it at the Spirit of Speed programs, the team will happily service and maintain the car. This will of course be in between you use it for your own drives.


Spirit of Speed Track



The Pärnu race track is the most modern circuit in the Nordics! The complex was reconstructed in 2012 and now competitions can be held on four different race tracks, in terms of length and shape of the track - the longest of which is 3.2 kilometres. The Pärnu race track is the only racing circuit in the Baltics that has a FIA Grade 4 license!


Spirit of Speed Track


Hedon SPA & Hotel is a unique place for pleasures and relaxation located on the white shores of Pärnu beach. Its superb location and fine architecture make it a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

The modern SPA facilities are built into the historical mud baths building that for long have been one of the symbols of the city.

The newly built exquisite part of the building is home to the hotel with its contemporary-styled rooms and a fine dining restaurant Raimond and grill restaurant Akord.

Fly into Tallinn or Riga and the team will be waiting for you at the airport. You will be shuttled to Pärnu, a nice beach resort town.


Spirit of Speed Track



Upon request and subject to availability.


Prices are calculated individually based on your desired program and car type. The duration of all Spirit of Speed Track programs can be 1 or more days.



 • Spirit of Speed by Tom Kristensen with great food and accommodation 
 • Desired car type
 • 1 instructor per car/person
 • Personal shuttle service
 • All non-alcoholic drinks


 * Excluding flights to and from airport to and from your home destination.

All other prices upon request: 

 • Tom Kristensen as personal instructor
 • Special cars 
 • Mentor programs 
 • Car sharing 
 • Bigger groups

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